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Recovery 1/3
Dipper was on his back on the ground, he knew that. He could also feel very vivid pain everywhere but especially on his side. Everything else was hazy. Did he pass out? Everything felt heavy. Someone had their hands on him.
“Pine tree, pine tree, listen to me.”
Was that Bill?
“Come on, open your eyes.”
Yeah that was Bill’s voice. He sounded desperate, like he was on the verge of panic. Dipper had never heard Bill sound this worried before. Something really bad must have happened. It took some effort but Dipper did what he was told and opened his eyes. His vision was blurring so he couldn’t make out anything.
“Oh thank chaos, you’re still with me.”
Dipper was shifted. He groaned.
“I know it hurts. You’re lucky I managed to stop the bleeding when I did.”
Bill rambled on. It was his hands moving over Dipper’s skin and under his clothes.
“I had to give you a shock to restart your system. You weren’t b
:iconthefoggylondonview:TheFoggyLondonView 17 2
Star Butterfly by 8-bitpunch Star Butterfly :icon8-bitpunch:8-bitpunch 26 0
Uptown Boy ch 1
Ok in retrospect this was a terrible idea. Mabel always has terrible ideas. But she gave him that face, that stupid face he couldn’t say no to and whined about how he wouldn’t want her to go alone would he? And how they never hang out anymore when they hung out just yesterday.
Now look where this idea got them. Separated and lost in the bad part of town. The really bad part of town. The taxi driver wouldn’t even go this far. Said last time he parked here he got car jacked. That should have been his first clue this would go south.
Dipper felt like a walking target with his nice clothes and solid gold pine tree necklace. Why did he decide to wear that anyway? He is outfit probably cost more than most of the people make in a couple weeks. Dipper hid in an ally to avoid some big looking guys. Shit where’s Mabel?
“Hey kid you look lost.”
Dipper jumped and spun to see there was a guy about his age casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed ove
:iconthefoggylondonview:TheFoggyLondonView 9 1
Mabel's Plush Corner (Commission) by Demona-Silverwing Mabel's Plush Corner (Commission) :icondemona-silverwing:Demona-Silverwing 284 53 redraw by marreeps redraw :iconmarreeps:marreeps 2,609 89 Half-Life - Scream by Valnushka Half-Life - Scream :iconvalnushka:Valnushka 131 30
it's all in your head 4
Mabel left this morning, to take waddles to the vet. Leaving me in the alone in the creepy house ,thanks Mabel... I decided to just relax today, and watch "Ducktective". Although ,I'm not as much of a fan as Mabel. I sat for about fifteen minutes, then I looked over to the kitchen. I couldn't believe my eyes!;a tall blonde man was standing there ,clearly not from this time period due to his suit ,triangular monocle,and stovepipe hat. He looked directly at me ,amber eyes glinting in the sunlight he smiled then was gone....  I sat there absolutely stunned, for a whole eight minutes. At noon Mabel came home, the vet at first thought of waddles needing neutered ,but since he was a pork pig he'd been castrated since he turned one. So instead he was given anxiety medication instead.
July ,7,2006
I had the strangest dream ,last night . I was in the dark, I couldn't move my arms or legs. I heard soft thumping, from what I assumed was up.  When the thumping stopped,
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Oh Goodness. I have been so busy the past two weeks. Cleaning for Christmas company, my birthday, new years, going back to school and now my brother's birthday. So, to everyone I have neglected to get back to so, so sorry. As soon as I get home I going to get to work on the 276 notifications I got, it's too hard to clean through them all on my phone.


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